Brian C Eacock A.R.P.S. D.P.A.G.B.


I hope you enjoy looking at the images as much as I enjoyed taking them. They are a cross section of subjects because I simply like to shoot what I see.


When I gave up work I found time on my hands. With a blast of inspiration I told my wife June I was going to buy a computer!!! After she stopped laughing June pointed out I did not know how to switch one on, which was true. I realised I had to learn how to use a computer, at 65 years of age, quite a steep learning curve.

I have always owned a camera but just used it for snapshots. I became more aware of the opportunities of digital photography, so decided to take a short course in digital imaging. I then joined Beacon Camera Club and really got the bug, having seen what could be achieved. What I had thought was a good photo in my estimation did not meet with the judges thoughts.

Now 15 years down the line with three changes of computer, three printers (each bigger, better and more expensive!) and 4 camera upgrades, I have moved into a double bedroom to cater for all my needs.

My next big step was to try for the LRPS distinction which I was very proud to achieve at the first attempt in November 2006.

I then joined Worcester Camera Club, and am still a member.

In September 2008 I was overjoyed to pass my ARPS, again at my first attempt, and finally in April 2014 I achieved my D.P.A.G.B. (Distinction in the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain).

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